Rumors about the new season 2018-07-22 17:52:47

Hi racers, "confirmed rumors" tells about the new OW season:



Unless nothing groundbreaking will be happen, the used car will be most likely the Indy Light OR the Tatuus F4.



They used range of tracks will spread from the best Kunos tracks to the best custom made tracks that fits OW racing.

Possible tracks will be located all over the world, focusing at european tracks.

The lenght of one lap may not exceed the 2 min barrier.

Single races, but race time may be at least that long to make refueling necessary. Tire durability may be manipulated as well.


More to follow, stay tuned.

Porsche Racing Cup is over! 2018-05-31 12:11:52

After 10 Events the PRC18-PCF is done! We got a new "old" Champion: Tim Meuris was again unbeatable, Wolfgang Kronthaler has been Vice-Champion again and Harald Kronthaler catched the third spot at the table from Bart Zweerink by 4 points.

The Silly Season starts with testing some Open Wheel mods, more than one racer would wish to drive a car without a roof now. At the moment the IndyCars, Indy Lights and Formula 79 are available at the server together with Road America. This combination will change from time to time, please have a look at the Chit CHat Forum for details.

Barbagallo 2018-03-12 12:48:48

We´re in training for the next Aussie track in our schedule: Barbagallo, comlete different again. Short track, you have to be very smooth here. See you on track!

Bathurst 2018-02-24 21:40:45

One of the Highlight of the season comes next: Bathurst - Mount Panorama! Speed, Walls and twisty turns are waiting to be tamed. This will be a fight against the racers AND the track. Be prepared!

Track change Event #2 2018-01-22 12:20:49

Unforseenable track issues (fps cuts) forced us to get a substitute for the Goldenport Event. Luckily we´ve been able to stay in China: Shanghai Tianma will be the second station of our tour now. Tiny little track wich will give some close action :)